From servicing and upgrading your original Linn LP12 to discussing the latest in Linn EXAKT or Active ATC systems JTS carefully designs and integrates your music system into the fabric of your home. All of our systems are discreetly installed to the highest standard, and can be controlled via a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones.

The internet along with your home wifi network now make it possible to listen to massive music libraries in any room in your home. Services like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and so on have made this possible. All of our systems can utilise these services in any room.


With the increasing numbers of media services available on-line, it makes choosing what to watch and where to watch difficult. Our modern systems allow users to watch what they want where they want to watch  - with Apple AirPlay enabled devices you can stream online content directly to any screen in the home.

With these modern services our customers can mix and match their content to suit their needs, weather it be TV from abroad, CCTV, Blu Ray, Apple TV, Foxtel and so on. Our system allow for any service on any screen in 4K, HD or 3D. All at the touch of a screen (or your mobile phone - if you like)


Home Cinema has been established for many years now and the Audio/Video quality one can attain in the home can easily surpass the Cinema itself. With the introduction of streaming services like Netflix and iTunes, the variety of choice is better than ever. Now you really can have a superior cinematic experience at home and importantly have the content you desire, when you desire, with on demand or catch up streaming services.


We can also advise on home automation product which includes Physical Security, Lighting automation, distributed Audio/Video.

High speed broadband is now essential for our clients nowadays, from simple communication services (Messaging, Skype or FaceTime) to multiple security cameras and the ubiquitous online web browsing experience. They all use the same network and infrastructure. Most modern AV systems are part of the network and need it for control, service and communications.

Our systems are designed to be Future Ready and all current technologies being developed are networked by default, so  stable and secure networking infrastructure is essential.

Data and Telephony are especially important to our clients who have home offices, multiple telephone lines, internet calls (VOIP) and low cost tunnels between international offices are all achievable. We have a close relationship with IT specialist company (HIFITEQ) who can assist with design, installation and support.